Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Noir: Elvis' Holy Bible Underwear on the auction block

elvis bible underpants

ELVIS PRESLEY - 1977 Jumpsuit Underwear. The briefs were worn on stage in 1977 and appear to be unwashed with some stains apparent. The following information came from the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold the museum to Graceland: "Elvis Presley`s 1977 jumpsuit underwear - this pair of light blue dance briefs was worn by entertainer Elvis Presley in 1977 while on stage. Elvis didn`t want any lines visible while he was on stage wearing his vast array of dazzling jumpsuits. This pair of underwear was obtained from the estate of Vernon Presley, Elvis` father". The underwear had been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM for many years. The ELVIS-A-RAMA was later bought by Graceland and retired. The underwear was obtained by the museum owner from Hobart and Bonnie Burnette. During the early 1960`s Vernon purchased a home 1266 Dolan Dr, which is adjacent to Graceland along the southeastern wall. Elvis had a gate installed so that he could walk from his backyard directly into his father`s house. After Elvis` divorce in 1973, Elvis spent more time over there to occasionally escape Graceland and its inhabitants. Elvis would sometimes stay over late into the night talking with his father about the old days, his philosophies about life and his family. After Elvis` death, Vernon moved into Graceland and sold the Dolan home and all its contents to Holbart and Bonnie Burnette who owned the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland.

Elvis Presley BibleElvis Presley Bible

Elvis Bible sells for £59,000 (including buyer premium)
Lot 345: Elvis Owned Holy Bible given to him in 1957 on his first Christmas at Graceland (estimate £20,000 - £25,000). Elvis Presley's personally owned and used Holy Bible 1957-1977 with Elvis' handwriting, annotations and underlining throughout. This was Elvis Presley's most precious book throughout his life from Christmas 1957 to that final day on 16th August 1977 and he read and wrote in this Holy Bible over many years. This sixteen hundred page bible with Elvis Presley and Holy Bible, embossed in gold on a leather cover was given to Elvis by his uncle Vester and Aunt Clettes Presley as a Christmas gift on December 25th, 1957 at Graceland. The bible contains Elvis' personal annotations throughout its fragile pages. This bible was published by. The John A. Hertel Co., Chicago, IL ©1941.The bible is accompanied by a letter of authenticity hand signed from Vester Presley (Vernon Presley's brother) in which he explains when he gave this bible to Elvis for Christmas 1957 and about Elvis' handwriting in it. Also accompanied by a Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet, Elvis' friend of twenty two years and the president of the world famous Elvis Presley Museum.

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  1. Amazing your blog! I just say,"This was Elvis Presley's most valuable book for the duration of his life from Christmas 1957 to that last day on sixteenth August 1977. Elvis read and wrote in this his Holy Bible over numerous years, it is exceptionally well perused, overall utilized, well worn and delicate." Thanks all!!