Thursday, January 13, 2011

NoirCon: Goodisheads weather the cold for the 2011 David Goodis Memorial Road Trip

Once again, the loyal friends of David Goodis weathered the frigid cold of Philadelphia to remember David Goodis and his town.  Starting at graveside, we made our way to beloved Kensington for books, beer, kielbasi and cabbage. The map of our journey can be seen here.

Roosevelt Memorial Cemetery, January 9th, 2010
Andy Kevorkian takes a walk in the Mausoleum at Roosevelt Memorial Cemetery.
Boxer and Kevorkian sweep the Goodis plot free of snow.
Boxer has a clean sweep.
"If you have it, they will come!"
Goodis 2011 Memorial Chant
Harold Silver arrives with his wife Trudy to pay their respect.

Margery Budoff, Ed Pettit and Cullen Gallagher - Loyal Goodisheads

Kevorkian, Molly Eichel (Daily News), Newby Ely in the mausoleum.
Eichel and Finestone in the mausoleum

Kevorkian Resting in the mausoleum

 Swierczynski,Kevorkian,Boxer,and Elizabeth Amber-Love Delaney

Amber-Love Delaney, Pettit and Ed Rice
Andrew Junkin, Jeff Wong, Margery Budoff and Cullen Gallagher
Swierczynski, Pettit, Rice,Finestone, Junkin and Wong
Kevorkian, Finestone and Eichel

Boxer and Kevorkian
Paparazzi in the necropolis

Pettit reads to the gathered masses - dead and alive!
Newby Ely
Eric Rice
Andrew Junkin
Duane Swierczynski on OF TENDER SIN
Wong, Eichel,Gallagher and Budoff

Kevorkian reads Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's A PSALM OF LIFE

At the Goodis House in East Oak Lane, Philadelphia

Going to see the back of the Goodis HouseThe snow is eerily reminiscent of the snowstorm of 1967.

Back of Goodis House.  Green awning on the second floor is David Goodis's bedroom.
Waiting for a sign from above (or at least the second floor!)

Ely at the Goodis'

I believe that you may see the hint of a figure in the second floor window, but certainly in the right of the picture you can see a reclining giant in the clouds.

The Goodis neighbors backyard.  I suspect this is just the way it was in January 1967 when Goodis left for Albert Einstein Northern Division.
Posing at the Goodis' - Swierczynski at the ready!  I think I see Beemis and Butthead in the cloud formation above!

Posing at the Goodis' - Rice

Posing at the Goodis' - Ely

Off to Logan, Goodis's first home.  A true thug's life beginning!
Looking East towards the Roosevelt Boulevard, down 10th Street.

Looking West along 10th Street.

FOUR TRUE THUG -4-lIfE : Pettit, Swierczynski, Wong, Junkin

Consecration of the Hallowed Ground in Logan by none other than Swierczynski and Pettit

And Ely

Jeff Wong

Eric Rice
Gallagher and Boxer

General David B. Birney Public School, 9th and Lindley

The desk became a smaller desk, in a classroom at Birney Grammar School.  He was in the sixth grade and it was another dismal Friday when they were having the weekly arithmetic tests.  It wasn't that he didn't know his arithmetic.  Actually it was his favorite subject and he was one of the best in the class. [Chapter 8] From OF TENDER SIN

Gallagher as Alvin Darby at Birney Grammar School

Port Richmond Books
3037 Richmond Street
Philadelphia, PA 19134

Inside Port Richmond Books

Next stop THE ATLANTIS, The Lost Bar

2442 Frankford Avenue 
(Hagert Street) 
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Amber-Love Delaney at The Atlantis holding the killer article by Brian McManus in PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY.

Jeff Wong gets the Maltese Falcon or some primo Haitian Coca-Cola!
Rice at the Lost Bar!
The long trip from Haiti finally ends.

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  1. Great set of pics! I'm so honored that you guys invited me along and popped my noir cherry. :) Looking forward to doing it again.