Wednesday, January 19, 2011

THE CULTURAL DETECTIVE and Peter Rozovsky (intro.)

For more than twenty years, Christopher G. Moore has been writing about the history, culture and politics of Southeast Asia, in particular Thailand. The Cultural Detective is a behind-the-scene view into Moore’s writing life.

In this selection of essays, Moore discusses with the humor and insight that he has become famous for. He draws widely on anthropology, neurology, psychology, ethnography, history and recent political conflicts.

Readers new to Moore’s work will find an entertaining and discerning author worth getting to know better, while fans will recognize an echo of his essayist’s voice and perspective from his novels.

Introduction by Peter Rozovsky ... vii
Here's a bit of my introduction:
“I once was a prisoner in the cult of authenticity, skeptical of crime writers who wrote about countries other than their own. (Tourist that I am, I sneered at tourists.) 

“Christopher G. Moore plugs that attitude between the eyes early in the collection of essays you’re about to read. `There is a tradition of pundits saying foreigners can’t understand how Thais think,' he tells us. `That is in itself an interesting theory of mind, suggesting that non-Thais are basically rendered autistic when it comes to understanding how Thais form intentions and the true nature of their beliefs.' 
“That’s a neat trick, isn’t it? With a few taps on his keyboard, Moore demonstrates that authenticity snobs of the kind I once was are nothing more than upscale propagandists for the old belief that Orientals are inscrutable.”

Here's some info on ordering the book. And keep an eye on Detectives Beyond Borders for a chance to win a copy.  

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