Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NoirCon 2010 and Fantomas! Howard Rodman and David White

When Fantômas Held All of Paris in His Criminal Thrall

FANTOMAS! The Lord of Terror and the Master of Crime! 100 years ago, Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre practically invented the modern era of pulp-fiction with their multi-volume saga of the undefeatable scourge of Paris. Between 1911 and 1913, all of France was gripped with Fantomas fever. Filmmaker LouiFeuillade used the character to create one of the first film series icinema history. The surrealist movement adopted Fantomas as oneof their symbolic heroes. With the exception of a dozen of hard-to-find translations published prior to 1930, however, the character never caught fire in America.

Hear Howard A. Rodman and David White talk about this fascinating character at NoirCon 2010.

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